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Putting the real in real estate

There’s a legacy that happens when you reach a certain age. You can stand back and look at all the things you’ve done. If you are lucky what you see can fill you with pride--that you’ve made a difference for the good.

We began this journey in 1926 of helping people grow their business. We’ve always been just as much about the people as the real estate. We’ve built relationships with partners, clients, tenants, and employees. Four generations of us wouldn’t have had it any other way.

A new door open to the public is residence-of-the-future and NYSERDA's Award-Winning Building of Excellence, Flow Chelsea, which is our residential-rental passive house development located at 211 West 29th Street. 


Our current portfolio consists of 2 million square feet of owned, leased and managed commercial property 
in Manhattan.

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