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Featured Property

Lease Smarter: Retail

211 West 29th Street

307 7th Ave, NYC

307 Seventh Ave.

342 7th Ave., NYC

342 Seventh Ave.

242 W30th St., NYC

242 West 30th St.

15 W26th St., NYC

15 West 26th St.

Front of Passive House.jpg

211 West 29th St.

150 W30th St., NYC

150 West 30th St.

350 W 31st St., NYC

350 West 31st St.

216 E 45th St., NYC

216 East 45th St.

350 7th Ave., NYC

350 Seventh Ave.

124 W 30th St., NYC

124 West 30th St.

22 W 21st St., NYC

22 West 21st St.

320 W46th St., NYC

320 West 46th St.

Our Notebook Buildings

A portfolio of smaller, more personal properties with less than 6 stories.

The perfect next step for start-ups who want to move away from a communal, college campus setting into their own offices or entrepreneurs who don’t require a larger, more costly space but prefer a creative place to seed.


Every change-the-worlder needs that place to start. We open doors.

341 7th Avenue Side View
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