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One common thread

At Bernstein, our diverse services are unified by one common thread: Our unerring loyalty to the people with whom we work. Whether we are infusing capital into a company we believe in or offering support to one of our long-term tenants, we do so with the same level of passion, caring and empathy.



The fact that we have been in existence and had a vibrant presence in this industry for more than 92 years is proof of our ability to be very good at what we do. This can best be evidenced in our investment skills. We are a profit-driven company proven successful and supported by the intelligence and experience of our accomplished longevity. 

Historically we are known for successfully pin-pointing an investment opportunity. That’s because of the opportunistic way we look for and at property. Targeting a property, evaluating its potential, negotiating the right price and financing it prudently are all done under an extremely analytic process. We buy right, turn properties into better performing assets and provide investors with secure financial incentives. We are a value-added buyer.

We are the kind of owners that are in this business for the long haul. We have proven the classic observation that real estate is the best investment over and over. Even when recessions impacted the real estate market, our properties performed. We are very proud of our property, investments, partners, staff, Bernstein identity and reputation for being responsible owners and landlords.

Acquisition and Ownership
Real Estate Development


Since the 1920s and through four generations of Bernsteins, our company heritage has been rooted in the development of distinctive, forward-thinking commercial and residential properties. Case in point: Our most recent development project, a Passive House residential building at 211 West 29th Street. This striking, innovative property is the tallest sustainable residential building in Manhattan.

Property Management


There is a reason why many owners have entrusted the management of their properties to us for generations: We are professionals who care deeply about the two million square feet of space that we manage. By assigning an Account Manager and dedicated financial and operational team to every property, we are able to ensure hands-on attention and the highest level of service to our clients. And having our own in-house construction group ensures that we can offer a full array of renovation, construction and project management services to clients at considerable savings. 

Brokerage & Leasing


Our special skills in this area lie in the fact that we have been on both sides. As owners, owner representatives and brokers, we understand both tenant and landlord needs.

A full-service firm, our brokers--teamed with our financial analysts--are well equipped to meet leasing objectives. This tight, resourceful network produces leasing strategies along with tenant retention programs geared to keep occupancy levels high.

Our track record for this is distinguished by the long-term tenant and landlord relationships we have developed since 1926, and retain to this day.

Debt & Equity


We provide financial backing to new and existing business ventures in the form of loans and/or equity infusions.

Similarly, we act as hard capital lenders and equity investors in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate.

We are skilled at acquiring fractionated partnership interests in residential and commercial properties.

Asset Management


We are an investment-driven company. We see each building as a business which must perform at the highest level of efficiency and quality.

As an owner’s Asset Manager, we evaluate a property’s building operations, leasing and market position. We develop a plan to achieve the financial objectives and then draw from our team of professionals to execute the exact strategy. We analyze these issues and recommend intelligent, innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Our unwavering commitment to superior service has produced successful, profitable results, decade after decade, for our clients who have remained loyal in our care.

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