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A good partner. A good person. Someone that others like to be around and certainly do business with. This is Vince Terranova. He reads like a person of honor.

here’s a respectability you can only achieve when you do estimable things. Like being a good husband and father.


Vincent Terranova, President

He has a confident air, but waits for you to speak first, preferring to listen. A very un-real estate style for a real estate broker, the reason Asher Bernstein hired him in 1985 and made him a partner in 1992. Looking back this was a great fit. Vince saw Asher shifting gears, moving forward in a company, then 60 years old, in a city that was changing. He saw opportunities and both shared the same vision.

Bernstein Real Estate is centered in North Chelsea. It was home to couture studios and designer workshops in properties that had been built in the 1920’s by founder and patriarch, Alex A. Bernstein. By the mid 80’s, this market was changing. Vince recognized that a new commercial demographic was emerging. He proceeded to reconfigure the spaces and diversify the tenancy, from tech startups to media companies to law firms. Creative existing side-by-side with institutional firms. This was an extraordinarily successful strategy that has sustained a 97% occupancy rate for Bernstein for many years. They were never impacted by the great recession.

Presently Vince oversees all areas of management, leasing and operations. In conjunction with Messrs. Bernstein, Vince has been responsible for acquisition and financing of the Bernstein portfolio.

One becomes successful in any business through hard work and insight by building new ideas and knowing how and when to change and grow. One such opportunity is the first of its kind—the creation of Manhattan’s tallest Passive House, a sustainable, energy renewing residence in North Chelsea. 

      You become successful in any business through hard work and insight.



Vincent Terranova, President

Knowing how and when to change.

Vince is a member of the Young Men’s/Women’s Real Estate Association of New York, serving as Chairman in 2002 and receiving the “Man of the Year” award in 2006. He is also a member of Real Estate Board of New York. Vince has a BS degree in finance from New York University. 

He lives in Tribeca with his family.

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