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The fact that we have been in existence and had a vibrant presence in this industry for more than 92 years is proof of our ability to be very good at what we do. This can best be evidenced in our investment skills. We are a profit-driven company proven successful and supported by the intelligence and experience of our accomplished longevity. 

Historically we are known for successfully pin-pointing an investment opportunity. That’s because of the opportunistic way we look for and at property. Targeting a property, evaluating its potential, negotiating the right price and financing it prudently are all done under an extremely analytic process. We buy right, turn properties into better performing assets and provide investors with secure financial incentives. We are a value-added buyer.

We are the kind of owners that are in this business for the long haul. We have proven the classic observation that real estate is the best investment over and over. Even when recessions impacted the real estate market, our properties performed. We are very proud of our property, investments, partners, staff, Bernstein identity and reputation for being responsible owners and landlords.

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